Creature College Beta 1.0

When your creating an independent board game the byword is play test, play test, play test and when you think you’ve play tested enough…play test some more! We came up with the idea for Creature College back in July 2014 and since then the game has been through countless iterations. Looking back on it the initial versions of the game were dreadful! The rules were complex, it took about two hours to play instead of the 45 minutes we were aiming for and you spent half your time counting up various scores. It was the board game equivalent of purgatory complete with little guys with pitchforks. Now six months later and with much blood, sweat and tears (mainly on behalf of my poor play testers) we have a game that works. It takes about 45 minutes to play, it’s fast paced and fun with just enough rivalry to generate the occasional urge to do violence to one of your opponents. To win creature labs you have to collect victory points. Victory points are achieved by collecting creatures, completing a mission, building out your research lab and winning battles. How you balance these sometimes competing aims will determine whether or not you win. The game uses auction mechanics to determine collecting creatures and has very simple combat mechanics. Simplicity in game play has been something that we’ve striven for but whilst the game is easy to learn and quick to play we think that there are enough elements to give it depth of strategy as well. We still have a long way to go to get the game ready for UK Games Expo in May. We have a pretty distributed project with our artist in the US, our designer in Argentina, the media studio in Montreal and a printer in China but we’re running to schedule and if you can make it to UK Games Expo we’d love to see you there and play a game with you. We’ll be posting regular updates here and on Facebook and hope you’ll join us for the ride! Orhan.

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