Creature College Update 15 – 7 days until Launch!

Weekly Update 15

Welcome to Creature College Update 15

Only 7 days away now! In a few short days we’ll be up on Kickstarter and ready to be backed. It’s time for a really big thanks to our community as the support we’ve had from you all have been phenomenal.

This is going to be a short update but I do want to tell everyone about a fantastic competition we have running on Facebook’s The Board Game Group. We’re giving away $160(£100) of board games of your choice! If you want to enter head over to The Board Game Group and read the competition post. You’ll find it here:¬if_t=like

We’ll also be running competitions all night next Wednesday (23rd September) on The Board Game Group so join us for lots of fun! 🙂

Have a great week and see you in 7 days time!


Happy Otter Games

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